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The following courses are provided for health professionals in Western Australia delivering opioid substitution treatment in the Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy (CPOP).


WA pharmacies that require CPOP authorisation should complete an Application for a pharmacy to to participate in CPOP (click link) 

All pharmacists working in CPOP pharmacies (including locums) are required to complete the CPOP Pharmacist Training accessible below

CPOP Depot Pharmacist training is also required for dispensing of these formulations

Medical Practitioners who require authorisation to prescribe opioid substitution treatment in WA must first:

  • Complete an Application to be an Authorised CPOP Prescriber (click to access)
  • Sign the prescriber declaration, and
  • Submit the completed form to the Community Pharmacotherapy Program
      • via email to CPPAdmin@mhc.wa.gov.au or
      • fax to (08) 9471 0444

An access key will be provided or receipt of their application


Help with Search courses

CPOP Pharmacist Online Training

This course is designed for Western Australian Pharmacists and other health professionals dispensing opioid substitution treatment in the form of supervised methadone and buprenorphine doses to CPOP clients.

Depot Buprenorphine Training for Pharmacists participating in CPOP

This course is designed for Western Australian pharmacists and other health professionals who dispense opioid substitution treatment in the form of supervised methadone and buprenorphine doses and who supply depot buprenorphine formulations to medical centres and clinics. 

CPOP Prescriber Depot Buprenorphine Accreditation

This training is for currently authorised prescribers in the WA Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy (CPOP). Upon successful completion of this training and assessment CPOP Prescribers will be recommended for approval to prescribe depot buprenorphine formulations.

Approval as a CPOP Prescriber is issued by Chief Delegate of the Medicines and Poisions Regulation Branch, WA Department of Health and all providers are required to operate in accordance with WA CPOP Policies and Procedures and all associated policies and guidelines.