SASA: Administration of Buprenorphine Depot by Pharmacists

SASA: Administration of Buprenorphine Depot by Pharmacists

by Craig Carmichael -
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We would like to advise that the Department of Health WA has endorsed the new Structured Administration and Supply Arrangement (SASA) Administration of Buprenorphine Depot Injection by Pharmacists enabling appropriately trained and approved CPOP pharmacies to supply and/or administer Depot Buprenorphine formulations (as Buvidal Weekly, Buvidal Monthly or Sublocade) by request and under the direction of an approved CPOP prescriber. This initiative is supported by Clinical guidelines for use of depot buprenorphine (Buvidal and Sublocade) in the treatment of opioid dependence For Western Australian CPOP prescribers and pharmacists (July 2023) enabling patient access to depot buprenorphine treatment at their local participating pharmacy.

Referral for pharmacist administration of depot buprenorphine will require prior agreement between the prescriber, the pharmacy and the patient including documentation of consent by the patient, and agreement on record keeping and communication of dosing issues between parties (See CPOP Depot Administration Record - Appendix 2 and CPOP Depot Advice to Prescriber- Appendix 3). 

Pharmacists administering depot buprenorphine within an approved CPOP pharmacy must comply with the requirements of the SASA. CPOP prescribers retain responsibility for the patient management at all times and communication between pharmacists and prescribers regarding all aspects of patient care is essential.  Any concerns regarding the patient’s treatment or presentation must be communicated to the prescriber at the earliest opportunity.

For further information contact CAS on 9442 5042